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Advanced scoping for technical capacity building on small hydropower in East Africa

RECP has recently concluded a project aimed at supporting the East African Community (EAC) in carrying out a detailed gap analysis and assessment on technical capacity development measures for small hydropower in the region. The project team has developed an action plan and preliminary training content recommendations that will help EAC follow-up on the tasks. The detailed recommendations contained in the action plan are designed to close the gaps identified during the scoping mission in all EAC Partner States. As part of RECPs honest broker role, the Project has attracted additional funding from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to undertake some of the elements contained in the action plan. The same is envisaged from US-AID and Austria. It is expected that the Project will trigger further support within EAC in building up a portfolio and centre in renewable energy and energy efficiency within the region, championed by Austria and UNIDO. Read more…

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