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Rwanda second RECP focus country

We are excited to present Rwanda as the second focus country under the RECP. Rwanda offers a highly favourable investment climate. Local potential for solar and small hydro projects is especially interesting for private developers. The RECP is currently in discussions with the Rwandan Development Board (RDB), a public investment promotion agency, and Energy Private Developers (EPD), the private sector association for energy entrepreneurs, as potential partners for RECP activities. Preparations for the first RECP market study in Rwanda are also under way and we will have more information in the next RECP newsletter. The upcoming iPAD Rwanda Power & Infrastructure Investment Forum taking place in Kigali on 05-06 November is a great chance to get to meet relevant public and private stakeholders and learn more about the opportunities in Rwanda’s renewable energy market. RECP will be present during the conference and can offer to assist European companies that wish to participate. If you are interested, please contact [email protected]

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