Morocco’s wind energy cheaper than coal

Published on: 22. January 2016

Wind energy costs are on the downward slide and that is helping some developing nations bring in new energy sources into their power grids. Morocco is one of those countries taking advantage of these low prices with its energy minister Abdelekader Amara revealing at a ministerial round table during the International Renewable Energy Summit taking place in Abu Dhabi, that his country had raised the bar and recorded new low bids for wind energy costs.

This translates to Morocco’s 850MW large-scale wind power project securing tenders averaging between USD25/MWh and USD30/MWh.

There was no official report of who the lowest bidders were but rumor has it a consortium made up by Enel Green Power, Nareva Holdings, and Siemens came in with the lowest bid.

According to Moroccan authorities, investment in wind energy projects are now cheaper than using coal.

Morocco’s tender included five projects:the 150MW Tanger 2; 300MW at Tiskrad; 200MW at JbelLahdid; 100-MW near Boujdour, as well as the 100MW at Midelt. The five projects are expected to be commissioned between 2017 and 2020.

Source: Alternative Energy Africa
Photo Copyright: GIZ

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