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Kenwind Holdings to develop wind farm

Kenyan firm Kenwind Holdings, in partnership with Belgian renewable energy company Electrawinds, along with the World Bank, are to construct a 90MW wind power project in Mpeketoni, Lamu County.

While the project was forced to move locations due to changes in wind speed, the project is now moving forward. The project had to terminate a few leases with the farmers in Baharini, according to Kenwind’s director Susan Nandwa in a Daily Nation report.

“Let me assure you that as Kenwind Holdings we will ensure those who will be affected by the project, for the years they have remained loyal to the company they will be rewarded before we sign the final lease agreement. This is a very important project, which will attract investors from all over the nation and the world at large,” she noted.

Media reports out of Kenya said the project is facing some opposition in Lamu country which resulted in a number of people going to court to stop the developer from acquiring land in the area for the project.

However, farmers from the area have demanded that the cases be withdrawn to allow the investor to compensate them and implement the Project.

More information in regards to the energy sector of Kenya, the regulatory framework and renewable energy potential can be found here.

Source: Alternative Energy Africa

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