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RECP Funding Database concludes initial publication of instruments

With the final addition of twelve new funds, RECP Funding Database concludes its first upload batch, now offering organized and specific information about 37 different funds. The diversity of characteristics of the funds is what makes the Funding Database a powerful tool for every company or organization wanting to develop a renewable energy project in Africa. The RECP Funding Database has increased its diversity, offering information on many types of financing including: Equity, grants, debt, mezzanine and loans.

The funds cover investment sizes from USD100k, to sizes of investment of USD50M. The categorization in respect to technology, the size of investment and type of investment gives a quick overview, directly linking to more information about project requirements, due diligence and funding process description on the respective RECP page of the fund. The first screening allows to assess the feasibility of the fund in regards to the project to be financed.

RECP is now working in the next step, which is improving the filter and search functions in order to narrow down the funds to specific options suitable for the financing of your project.

RECP Funding Database

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