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Power to Africa: Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia publishes tender documents

On June 22nd, Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia announced the opening of the first round of financing. The Invitation is now open to interested private Enterprises to bid for contracts under the Fund via E-Mail as per the procedure stipulated in the tender documentation.

The fund has published a procurement which offers to purchase tens of thousands of new off-grid electricity connection from Energy Service Providers (ESPs), who can then use these contracts to leverage even more capital and customers in Zambia.

Firms are invited to bid contracts for a range of Energy Subscription Services, from stand-alone household systems providing basic lighting to more comprehensive connections suitable for businesses and public facilities. In order to maximize flexibility for participating companies, the fund is offering two types of financing: a start-up and incubation component, aimed at allowing firms to establish operations and build a foundation for expansion in the country; and a scale-up component, aimed at growing the customer base so that ESPs can reach sustainable investment scale in Zambia.

The first round of funding will be open until 08 August. More information on the fund can be found on the REEEP Website. To Access the procurement documents, please click here.

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