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First solar power plant to supply Uganda's national grid

The first solar power plant, which will provide electricity to the national grid of Uganda, will start operating this September. The plant operated by ‘Access Solar Power Uganda Limited’, has a capacity of 10 MW and will sell its electricity for a price of 0.11$/kWh to the transmission line operator. According to the ‘International Renewable Energy Agency’, the levelized costs of PV in Africa is about 0.18$, which makes this new plant in Uganda cheaper than the average plant. Achieving this price was possible due to the system of competitive bidding, stated Dr Mutambi from the ‘Electricity Regulatory Authority’. At present, a 3.4 km transmission line is being built in order to connect the PV plant to the national grid.

Uganda has a solar electricity potential of about 200MW, and four companies hold a license to exploit this potential. Furthermore, Uganda has a potential to produce 1650 MW from Biomass, 800 MW from peat and 2200 MW from hydropower stations.

Nelson Wesonga, Daily Monitor, 01.09.2016

International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) 2014

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