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Captive Power in Nigeria: A Comprehensive Guide to Project Development

Nigeria has abundant renewable energy resources and expresses serious interest to develop its renewable energy industry. Thereby, the National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy (NREEEP) has been approved by the Nigeria’s government, clearly expressing its support for renewable energy technologies.

Scoping work in Nigeria has identified the opportunity for RECP to catalyze investments in renewable energy within the captive power market. Therefore, RECP conducted a market study to assess and explore the potential for renewable energy in the captive power market segment in Nigeria.

This study focuses especially on the agriculture and food processing sector, in which opportunities for biomass energy and solar energy clearly arise. In addition, a comprehensive guide to captive renewable energy project development has been formulated. Another key outcome of this study is the identification of potential captive power projects in Nigeria, for which a database is being developed.”

Please follow this link to download the study.

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