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RECP website revision published

In October 2015, the African–EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP) launched this website as an online portal to RECP’s services for renewable energy market participants from Africa and the EU. The website has been designed focusing on the needs and interests of key beneficiaries of the RECP, i.e. project developers, technology and service suppliers as well as financiers operating in Africa’s renewable energy markets.

RECP is proud to announce that, with over 1000 visitors on average per week, the RECP portal has already been taken up nicely by market participants.

However, after over 18 months of operation and in order to provide our services even more easily accessible, RECP has initiated a revision of the overall design and structure.

Having concluded this revision, RECP today proudly launches the new portal. The website has been restructured and its design modernized to better serve as the main gateway to all the RECP’s services that are available on our website: finding the right financing instrument for your energy project, getting support for your ongoing project, and exploring African markets. You now can simply access all our services from the main page directly in a simple and well-structured manner.

Searching financial instruments via the Funding Database is becoming easier than before: Additionally to showing all instruments, you now can filter geographically, by size or the type of investment, or by any relevant keyword.

The Finance Catalyst links renewable energy projects to finance opportunities and vice versa, targeting small- and medium-scale renewable energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. It provides advisory support on project development, -structuring and accessing finance through a team of dedicated experts with extensive experience in renewable energy project development and finance in Africa.

Finally, access to relevant information on African markets is possible through the provision of our web-based Market Profiles, which include structured market information on RECP’s 6 focus as well 10 additional countries. Thus, for a total of 16 African economies, the market information section provides you with a clear understanding of a market’s regulatory framework, the most relevant institutional stakeholders and the local renewable energy resource potential within a country. Additional Market Profiles are currently being finalized and published shortly.

In addition, the focus country pages now feature a “Download & Links” section, which offers access to RECP’s comprehensive Market Segment Studies, as well as other RECP market information products. These studies complement the Market Profiles and provide an in-depth analysis of a specific market’s segment. The first study on captive power in Nigeria is already published and available for download. Additional studies are currently under development for the other focus countries and will be published over the course of 2017/18.

With funding from the European Commission, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Finland, the RECP is deploying its full range of activities to support the development of markets for renewable energy in Africa. The RECP portal will be updated and expanded regularly as new products are available and new services become operational.


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