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New RECP Developer Guide Release: Stand-Alone Solar Businesses in Zambia

Lusaka, Zambia 12 June 2018 – During the Zambian Off-Grid Investor Forum, RECP team leader Michael Franz presented the Stand-Alone Solar Businesses in Zambia Developer Guide. The Guide is part of a series of ‘how to’ RECP Guides featuring different market segments in Senegal, Uganda and Zambia. The series of Developer Guides has been made possible by the RECP’s donors: the European Commission and the governments of Austria, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands.

Zambia’s experience with stand-alone off-grid solar solutions is nascent but fast emerging. While the country’s history with stand-alone solar home systems dates back to the 1990’s, a new wave of developments has emerged over the past two-to-three years. PAYGO solutions pioneered by domestic companies and an increasing presence of international market leaders are key factors that newcomers should consider when entering the Zambian market. The Stand-Alone Solar Businesses in Zambia Developer Guide seeks to inform entrepreneurs, venture developers, and investors exploring commercial opportunities in Zambia’s burgeoning off-grid solar sector.


(photo credit: Rahul Barua)

The Zambia Stand-Alone Solar Businesses Guide describes the country and market context, the investment opportunities while reviewing the regulatory and operational steps required for developers and investors to enter the Zambian market. The Guide includes case studies and model business cases to help readers grasp the investment attractiveness in each market segment. Its content was collected through a series of interviews in Zambia between January and April 2017 in addition to a careful review of recent publications and documents.

Readers should bear in mind that the Guide does not intend to replace primary market analysis. Instead, it provides a road map for desk-based research, agendas of initial market prospecting visits, and preparations for early stage investment phases.

Download your free copy now by clicking here.

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