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RECP Funding Database now features Crowdinvesting

(Photo sources: bettervest and ecoligo)

Brussels, Belgium –  Crowdfinvesting proves to be an important source for closing the financing gap or complimenting grants for energy access projects. While it still remains a small fraction of overall investments to off-grid energy solutions, crowdfunding for decentralized energy businesses grew from $3.4 million in 2015 to $8.7 million in 2016; of which debt and equity campaigns represents more than 90% of the market.  In line with these trends, RECP includes for the first time two crowdinvesting companies in its Funding Database: bettervest and ecoligo.investments.

Both companies are based in Germany and support project developers implementing renewable energy access projects across Africa. You can find more information on their financial support modalities and eligibility criteria, campaign design and implementation by visiting their respective entries:

bettervest is an online crowdinvesting platform that enables citizens to jointly finance sustainable energy projects across the globe in order to accelerate the energy transition and protect our climate. bettervest issues subordinate loans (debt financing) to borrowers (project partners) of up to EUR 2.5m.

ecoligo.investments is a crowdinvesting platform focused on closing the finance gap for commercial & industrial (C&I) solar projects in emerging markets. The platform provides project financing to solar companies executing projects with a PPA/leasing structure with C&I clients in Sub-Saharan Africa. By enabling businesses to access clean, affordable electricity, crowdinvestors promote sustainable development in the region.
With this new addition, the RECP Funding Database is now displaying organized and specific information of 40 different funds. The diversity of funds identified by RECP makes the Funding Database a powerful tool for renewable energy project developers operating in Africa. The funds cover investment sizes from USD100,000 to USD50M. It has increased its diversity, offering information on many types of financing including: equity, grants, mezzanine, loans and now crowdfunding.

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