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Due to the significant demand in the market for Finance Catalyst services, we have to temporarily put applications on “hold”, as the Finance Catalyst team is stretched to capacity. We have, however, decided to keep the project submission system open, allowing you to save your project information and register your interest.

We will not evaluate the projects on the system until we have augmented our capacity to assist applicants. This is expected by January 2018. You are free to change the information on the system and to keep it current until we are again open for submission. All applicants who have submitted information in the intervening period will be notified of the next call via email.

Should you wish to inform us of your project proposal and specific request for assistance in the meantime, please utilise our intake form. The form has been placed on a secure server specifically for the finance catalyst activities of RECP. It is designed to provide you with a platform to send us comprehensive details about your company, your project, the stage of development you find yourself in and what type of assistance you seek from us.

All information submitted is treated confidentially. We will collect all project information in our secure database that only our team of advisors and evaluators has access to.


Note regarding the language of the website and intake form:
The website and the intake form are available in English only. At your request, we will assist proponents from other language zones to overcome language-related issues. We do have French-speaking experts in our team, and we can also engage with Portuguese-speaking experts. Our evaluation of proposals will not take into account foreign language related issues.

Remarque concernant la langue du site et du formulaire d’inscription:
Le site et le formulaire d’inscription ne sont disponibles qu’en anglais. À votre demande, nous aiderons les promoteurs de projet d’autres zones linguistiques à surmonter les problèmes liés à la langue. Nous avons des experts de la langue française dans notre équipe, et nous pouvons également coopérer avec des experts lusophones. Nos évaluations de propositions de projet ne concerneront pas les questions liées aux langues étrangères.

Observações a respeito do idioma do website e do formulário de submissão:
O website e o formulário de submissão encontram-se disponíveis somente no idioma inglês. Após solicitação, auxiliaremos clientes falantes de outros idiomas a solucionar assuntos relacionados com idiomas. Contamos com expertos falantes do idioma francês em nosso time e podemos também contar com expertos falantes do idioma português. Nossas avaliações de propostas não levarão em consideração assuntos relacionados com idiomas estrangeiros.

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