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Welcome to the all-new RECP portal!

Bringing renewable energy entrepreneurs from Africa and the EU together for joint business development on the African continent is at the heart of the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP). In order to make our services easily accessible we have developed this all-new web-portal that is specifically dedicated to our services, products and activities towards the Africa-EU private sector.

The RECP Portal will serve as the main gateway to the RECP’s services. On it, you will find information on Africa’s renewable energy markets, their regulatory framework and the potential for different renewable energy technologies and business models. Under Services, you will find access to our new database on financing instruments for renewable energy projects in Africa and additional hands-on support from the RECP towards making your project in Africa a success. The news section will provide you with the latest updates and developments on African renewable energy markets and international support initiatives. Lastly, our events section will not only inform you about upcoming RECP match-making and information events, but will also feature relevant conferences, trade fairs, workshops and round tables organized by our partners.

With funding from the European Commission, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Finland, the RECP is currently in the process of deploying its full range of activities. The RECP Portal will therefore be updated and expanded regularly as new products are available and new services become operational. One such example we want to highlight is the RECP Finance Facilitator that will offer tangible advisory to project developers seeking financing. While we prepare the Finance Facilitator for its official launch in early 2016, please find a first teaser of its services here. The initial launch is only a first step and we are looking forward to building and expanding this portal together with our donors and partners.

The RECP-Team

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