January 19, 2022

Ideas to save electricity

This time we will tell you some ideas to save electricity, so that you can reduce your consumption, benefiting financially and helping to preserve the planet for much longer.

10 ideas to save electricity

There are several ideas to save electricity that can be useful and easy to put into practice to reduce the amount of your bill and help protect the environment.

1. Use electric light only when necessary. Try to use it at night, in dark rooms or places that really need it and make the most of daylight to reduce electricity consumption.
2. Turn on your air conditioning or fans only when you need it and always try to turn them off when you leave, in this way you will avoid consuming electricity excessively and unnecessarily.
3. Remember to unplug all your electrical devices when you are not using them, since these usually consume energy even when they are not turned on.
4. If you have modern devices, access the configuration and select the energy saving mode, this helps reduce consumption without affecting the quality of the device’s performance.
You can usually find this power saving mode on TVs, computers, mobile phones, and more.
5. Avoid falling asleep with the television on, as it can spend many hours consuming energy unnecessarily.
Instead, it is recommended that you program a period so that after that time it turns off automatically.
6. Avoid leaving the lights on, for example the one in the bathroom.
In some homes they tend to leave the bathroom light permanently on, during the day and at night, however, this is unnecessary and only generates expenses.
7. Regulates the use of devices such as printers and photocopiers, since these tend to consume too much electricity and produce paper that can sometimes be avoided.
Ideally, use digital versions whenever possible and only print or photocopy when necessary.
8. Connect a power strip for your computer, modem, speakers and printer, so that consumption is lower. Using this type of tool is very useful, since many of them reduce consumption considerably.
9. Replace the traditional light bulbs in your home with savers, since these reduce energy consumption by more than 80%, generate less heat and have a much longer useful life.
Although energy saving light bulbs can be more expensive than traditional ones, they last much longer and offer great benefits in comparison.
10. Before going to sleep, you can check that the refrigerator doors are properly closed, the lights are off, appliances are unplugged and more, in this way you can reduce energy consumption considerably.

Alternatives to save electricity

In addition to the small daily activities that you can put into practice to reduce electricity consumption, there are some other alternatives that can be useful.

Solar panels

Using clean energy sources is undoubtedly a viable alternative for reducing energy consumption, as well as benefiting the environment.

Solar panels capture the light radiated by the sun and transform it into sustainable energy that human beings can use in their daily lives, in addition, it can be stored for use at night, when the sun no longer emits light.


Windmills can take advantage of the strength of this element and transform it into wind energy that can be used in people’s homes to carry out their daily activities, reducing the consumption of traditional electricity and the pollution that can be generated from it.

These are excellent alternatives, especially if the wind is rife where you live or the sun shines directly on your home. If you want to know more about the use of electricity and other renewable and non-renewable resources on the African continent, we invite you to read other articles that are already available on our blog and may be of interest to you. Don’t miss them.

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